April 2, 2012

Greetings, Reader.

This site was created to reach out to those interested in viewing my collection of artistic creations based on narratives, meditations, and conversations.

I am constantly updating this online portfolio with different takes on what can be born from new ideas and found materials.

My drawings and paintings, I would like to think and interpret as stories, journal entries, and testaments to life experiences.

Three-dimensional pieces posted onto this site are formed from fabrics I have come across during my journeys traveling, thrift stores, or unwanted clothes in the closets of friends, family, and neighbors. I like the idea of giving new life to materials that have outlived there initial purpose.

My passion for fine arts and textiles has been with me since my beginning.

Undergraduate and post-undergraduate studies include: creative writing, fine arts, and drawing at Kent State University and The University of Akron. The years of my education range from 2000-2010 at both institutions, along with several various work studies and workshops.

Creating a user-friendly and online accessibility for my artwork has been an ongoing project and goal. As this site may change in look or feel, the art will continue to spill on the pages.

I believe in the power of our hands, and the way we can create and shape ideas into objects and illustrations. I do not make art as a hobby, rather a way of being an active part of a larger thing that connects people. We can connect ourselves, our homes, and enjoyments through color, composition, and the feeling of fabrics and patterns.

Custom paintings, drawings, and textiles can be discussed and/or created. Please contact me at em.davis00@gmail.com.

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